Dahua munkaidő nyilvántartó - ASA1222G (2,4" TFT kijelző, ujjlenyomatolvasó/PIN kód/Mifare, USB exp/imp), IC card)

Fogyasztói ár: 59296 Ft
Fogyasztói ár áfa nélkül: 46690 Ft
Gyártó: DAHUA

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> Adopts 32-bit processor
> Mechanical buttons, LCD operating interface
> Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, up to 2600mAh
> Supports Mifare card/ID card reading distance 1 cm–3 cm, card swiping
> Fingerprint verification response time ≤0.5 s, fingerprint recognition
> FAR≤0.00004%, FRR≤0.15%
> Supports three attendance modes: fixed, manual/auto and forced
> Support shift setting by department and person
> Support attendance data import and export from USB flash drive
> Support personnel data, config import and export from USB flash drive
> Supports attendance record search
> Supports software attendance and voice prompt
> Supports online update
> Supports 0 s–60 s setting for screen off
> Operating temperature: 0°C to +55°C , operating humidity: ≤93%

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